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Chainzone Technology (Foshan) Co., Ltd.

LED video displays, LED variable message signs (VMS), high power LED lighting

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  • Phone: +86-757-86393001
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    Chainzone Indurstrial Park, Taishan Bei RD Sanshan Avenue, Nanhai District Foshan, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Chainzone Technology is a cross-capability manufacturer of reliable and innovative LED products for industrial and commercial applications. Driven by the rapid advances in solid state optoelectronics, Chainzone has been maintaining a systematic focus on developing LED-based products which are poised to replace legacy inefficient and unreliable products. Chainzone exquisite LED solutions include high power LED lighting, LED video displays and LED variable message signs (VMS). Over the years, Chainzone's commitment to technology innovation and sustainable design has consistently been acknowledged by its worldwide recognition and reference projects, including energy efficient lighting solutions for industrial, outdoor and architectural applications, high resolution, visualy appealing display solutions for outdoor branding and advertising, and highly reliable VMS systems for urban traffic management and traffic guidance applications.

Chainzone provides state-of-the-art, turn-key visualization solutions to solve the problems found with other digital signage and video display options. The company's digital display products are completely modular and scalable in size, which means they be customized to best meet the needs of the customer and are suitable for a collection of different applications from small events as for massive display application including sports stadiums, outdoor LED advertising displays, and anywhere where exceptional visual experiences are required. The iMOPSA display modules offer outstanding features like high intensity, low cost and excellent heat dissipation. Chainzone iMOPSA LED displays redefine the imaging landscape and bring you the finest pixel pitches, most flexible LED display solutions in the industry. Chainzone offers a full spectrum of products to serve every niche of the market, including indoor, outdoor, curved, portable, mesh and creative LED video panels.

Chainzone is the world's leading LED traffic solution provider with a complete range of traffic control and messaging systems for a variety of situations including emergencies, construction, and road closures. These products include EN12966 fixed installation VMS, VMS on vehicle, mobile VMS, traffic signals, solar powered mobile traffic signal, radio-coordinated mobile traffic signals, passenger information signs, bus & train signs, speed limit signs, lane control signals, and LED arrow boards. With durability and performance, Chainzone's variable message signs literally outshine its competitors.

Chainzone has a broad portfolio of high power LED luminaires including LED street lights, LED high bay lights, LED flood lights, LED billboard lights, LED shoeboxes, LED tunnel lights, LED canopy lights and LED stadium lights. Chainzone's lighting products combine high effciency LED technology with advanced optics for excellent light output and maximum system efficiency. Their innovative thermal management design and all-weather construction is designed for lighting applications where long life, minimal maintenance, consistent optical performance and flexible lighting control is required.

Chainzone is an ISO9001:2008 compliant operation with vertically integrated capabilities. Its 24,000 square meter manufacturing facilities in Foshan are fully equipped to ensure a seamless transition from design to delivery. Its in-house testing facility and third party qualifications and certifications assure you that every LED fixture, LED display or VMS product shipped out is that of the highest quality and reliability.
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